W2Power - Applications

The focus of Pelagic Power is to establish W2Power as the preferred solution for deepwater offshore wind and wave power.
The power generated will be exported back onshore via sub-sea cables. The offshore W2Power parks can be located in the most power intensive areas, offering maximum output. In addition, parks can be located off the coast of major cities, ensuring power production close to where the power is needed.

In the long term there are several other application areas of interest.

Desalinization plants.
Desalinization of water requires high pressure and energy. W2-Power generates sea-water under high pressure directly through its wave power system. Thus, the concept can utilize wave energy directly, instead of having to use electrical pumps to generate the pressure. Combined with the electricity generated by the wind turbines, this opens up the opportunity to create desalinization plants powered exclusively by renewable energy.

Isolated electricity users.
Offshore petroleum platforms release millions of tons of CO2 yearly due to the gas turbines used for electricity production. W2-Power can be installed near such structures and supply clean electricity instead. Furthermore, developments are taking place in order to move aquaculture facilities further offshore. W2-Power can deliver the necessary electricity to these facilities.

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